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Taber Electronic stiffness tester manufacturer

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Stiffness and resilience:
1 TABER stiffness unit refers to: 5 cm long, wide 3.8 cm test piece, 1/5 grams of gravity bending to 15 ° when the power, 1 degree unit is equal to The resilience of the material represents the elasticity of the material, which is the ratio of the basic stiffness to the initial stiffness, expressed by the following formula:
Resilience = basic stiffness ÷ initial stiffness x 100
The initial stiffness is the first immediate read value when the sample is bent at a fixed angle, and is usually used to compare the quality of the relative stiffness.
The basic stiffness is that the sample is continuously fixed at that angle, causing the material molecules to rearrange the loss of stiffness.


Taber Electronic stiffness tester test principle:
1. The main components: constant speed motor, with a sample holder and free swing swing pendulum and a power wheel rotation of the turntable.
2. The clamp clamp of the sample holder is precisely fixed to the center of the gear drive plate.
3. The top of the specimen is clamped between the slots of the two chucks and the lower end thereof is sandwiched between two adjustable fastening wheels associated with the turntable.
4. Turn on the power, constant speed motor drive gear turntable, the resulting torque acting on the sample, so that the swing angle of the pendulum.
5. Finally show the stiffness value from the dial or display.


Taber150-B traditional manual mechanical:
Simple operation, precision tripod design, high sensitivity, light weight, strong appearance. Read the stiffness value from the dial.


Taber150-E digital display type:
1. Test range: 0 - 10,000TABER stiffness unit (g * cm)
2. Automatically test, calculate and record test results
3. With the control panel and display, you can set the direction, bending angle, the number of round trip;
4. With output port (RS-232) can be output from the printer or downloaded to the computer;
5. Uninterrupted storage can store 1000 readings (with date, time)
6. Optional user-defined tags Identify stored readings
7. The reading can be automatically converted to a custom preset range, and the statistical function can automatically calculate the average, standard deviation, maximum value, minimum value;
8. Through the output interface, the data can be printed or downloaded to the computer
9.CE certification

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