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Mask Air Tightness Tester
Mask Air Tightness Tester

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Qinsun Instruments Co., LTD

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Mask Air Tightness Tester

The Air Tightness Tester is mainly used for air tightness testing of masks and respirators under specified conditions. Applicable to masks, respirators and breathing valve manufacturers, quality supervision, scientific research, wearing and other units.


GB 2626-2019 


1. The test time can be set. When the set time is up, an automatic alarm prompts.

2. Equipped with a standard test head mold, the standard configuration is a medium head mold. If you need a small or large size, you can purchase it separately. The breathing valve is equipped with a special clamp.

3. Real-time display of the test breathing gas volume.

4. The flow sensor is a digital flow meter with high sensitivity. The chip uses a thermal mass flow meter without temperature and pressure compensation.

5. PLC touch screen control, related operations can be completed through the touch screen.

Technical Parameters

Pumping rate

0-10L / min ~ 100L / min, adjustable, standard 2 L / min.

Air source

professional-grade vacuum pump

Micro Manometer range

0~2kPa, accuracy 1%, resolution 1Pa.

Timing range

0-99.99, accuracy is 1%, resolution is 0.1S.

Power supply

AC220V, 50Hz

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