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chair bench drop test machine manufacturer

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Standards compliant:
"GB / T 10357.2-1989 Furniture mechanical performance test chair stool stability"
"GB / T 10357.3-1989 Furniture mechanical properties test chair bench strength and durability"

Technical Parameters:
1, if you choose to put the test mode, the weight bag will be repeated according to set the cycle to mention. So that the chair to withstand gravity without the impact of the generation;
2, the test rate: 0-20 times / min;
3, chair size width: 1000mm;
4, accessories: 57kg, 102kg, 136kg weight bag (according to test requirements matching)
5, digital height display instrument drop height: 3 inches to 16 inches (75mm ~ 406mm)
6, the number of tests: 0 ~ 32000 times
7, drop bag Weight: 75lb, 200lb
8, equipment power: 3 , AC380V, 50HZ, 1HP
9, transmission: electric drive

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