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Rubber film friction coefficient tester manufacturer

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Qinsun Instruments Co., LTD


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Rubber film friction coefficient tester is mainly used for measuring plastic film / sheet, rubber, paper, cardboard, woven bag, fabric style, communication cable fiber optic material with metal belt, conveyor belt, wood, coating, brake pads , Wipers, shoe materials, tires and other materials, the coefficient of static friction and dynamic friction coefficient, can also be used to determine the cosmetics, eye drops and other daily chemicals smooth performance.

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Test criteria:
GB 10006, ASTM / D 1894 -01, ISO 8295, TAPPI 816, GB / T 17200


Film, paper, textile, nonwoven, woven bag, rubber, aluminum foil, aluminum foil composite film, metal products, printed matter, wood, flooring, film, grain, hair, tube, spherical material, medical tube, enameled wire and so on.


Technical Parameters:
1. Coefficient range: 0.01 ~ 0.99;
2. Measurement accuracy: 0.01;
3. Force range: 0 ~ 2N;
4. Slider movement speed: 100 ± 10mm / min;
5. Sample thickness: ≤2mm;
6. Slider size: 63 × 63mm;
7. Slider quality: 200 ± 2g;
8. Work surface size: 200mm × 470mm;
9. Dimension: 470mm × 340mm × 220mm.


 The Rubber film friction coefficient tester main features:
1. Equipment using microcomputer control, test process automation, with menu-style user interface, PVC control panel and LCD screen, user-friendly test operation and data viewing.
2. System accessories are well-known manufacturers of components, stable and reliable performance, high-precision power sensor, to the highest domestic test accuracy: 0.001N.
3. No mechanical knob, all-digital system, digital correction and zero.
4. Special design of the drive system, running smoothly, the test results more accurate.
5. The system can simultaneously measure the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of the sample.
6. With the micro-printer automatically print single or group of samples of the test report.
7. Instrument test table and test slider are demagnetized and remanent magnetic detection, effectively reducing the system test error.
8. Group data, embedded data statistical analysis.
9. Instrument interface design is simple, easy to operate, easy to use.


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