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Fabric deformation rate tester manufacturer

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Qinsun Instruments Co., LTD


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The Fabric deformation rate tester is used to test the elongation and deformation rate of woven fabrics made of stretchable yarns or stretch yarns under fixed load conditions.

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Test standard :
ASTM / D 3107-2007


Test principle:
1. The machine top clamp holds one end of the sample, and applies a certain initial load weight to the other end. Two markings are made from the lower end of the holder.
2. Then apply a specified weight to the sample weight, static wait 1 hour or after the specified time measurement of the distance between the two markers;
3. Remove the load weight, over 30 seconds or 1 hour or other time after the application of the initial weight-bearing weight, again measured the distance between the two markers;
4. The tensile elastic recovery rate (%) and the residual deformation rate (%) were then calculated by the formula.


Main feature:
1, all stainless steel rack design, nice;
2, can achieve a single station at any time positioning test, or 6 stations at the same time positioning test
3, the standard standard stainless steel ruler (1mm scale)
4, timer (optional)
5, a variety of standard load weight matching


Technical Parameters:
1, the test station: 6;
2, the body material: all stainless steel design
3, gripper material: aluminum alloy
4, weight weight: 3 pounds (1.35kg) or can choose another 4 pounds (1.8kg)
5, gripper effective clamping width: ≥ 80mm
6, the holder spacing: 0-300mm adjustable
7, weight weight hook length: 280mm


Special configuration:
1,1000CN hook (including the lower holder weight) 6 root;
2,1000CN weight 24 only;
3,500CN weight 6;
4, aluminum alloy holder 6 pairs;

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