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Fuel Flow Resistance Tester and Fuel Flow Resistance Test machine

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Qinsun Instruments Co., LTD


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The instrument is a key test equipment developed for fuel filters and has been certified to a number of qualified (in accordance with ISO standard verification procedures).

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The test bench measures the pressure difference across the filter at different flow rates.




The test flow rate, temperature, and differential pressure are displayed on the digital display.

The temperature control system adopts PID regulation, equipped with heating and cooling device.

Flow regulation is controlled by frequency converter.

The bottom of the test bench is equipped with oil pan and casters for easy movement.

The test bench shell is made of aluminum alloy. The panel is made of stainless steel. The word adopts wax word, and the connecting pipe adopts seamless stainless steel tube.

 Note: The above parameters can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of customers.



 ISO 4020-1:2001 Road vehicles; Fuel filters for diesel engines; Part 1 : Test methods

GB/T 5923-2010 Test methods of fuel filter for automotive compression ignition engines


   Technical Parameters




Test flow rate


Medium temperature


Working medium

No. 0 diesel

Pressure measurement range


Differential pressure display

Pressure gauge and digital display

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