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Fully automatic oil-water separator and Auto oil-water separator

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Qinsun Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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Auto oil-water separator mainly refers to ISO / TS 16332-2006 "Diesel engine dust filter fuel water separation effect assessment method" to test the oil filter oil and water separation characteristics; Besides, it implements ISO4020-2001 " Road vehicles - diesel fuel filter with the test method ", to test the fuel filter cleanliness. Display the main technical parameters: test flow, the system pressure, orifice device pressure, the pressure difference between the test piece, the medium temperature.

Detailed products discription


 · Comparison with foreign product performance data.
· Product quality control.
· Third party testing, supervision agency.
Test items
· Oil and water separation performance of fuel filter
Cleanliness test of fuel filter

The test bench can automatically acquire the main performance parameters.
Flow regulation is controlled by frequency converter.
Test bench with a variety of load protection, includes hydraulic protection and electrical protection (leakage protection, overload protection, emergency stop) and so on.
The test bench shell is made of aluminum alloy, the panel is made of stainless steel, the word adopts wax word, and the connecting pipe adopts seamless stainless steel tube.
Note: The above parameters can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of customers.

 ISO/ TS 16332-2006 Diesel engines - Fuel filters - Method for evaluating fuel/water separation efficiency
 ISO 4020-2001 Road vehicles; Fuel filters for diesel engines; Part 1 : Test methods
 SAE J 905-1999 Fuel filter test methods
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Test flow 60 L/h~600 L/h or 30 L/h~300 L/h
System pressure 1MPa
Temperature At room temperature or optional heating and cooling functions
Water flow (1.5~200) mL/min
Orifice Imported or domestic
Test oil 0 # diesel
Test tank 75L (subject to final design)
Water tank 15L (subject to final design)

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