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White Body Rigidity Test Stand

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The whole system of loading and testing process can achieve automation, intelligent to meet the different models of body detection. The test system adopts the automatic data acquisition and processing system to quickly process the data and automatically generate the test-related curve. The test system adopts the least restraint system to ensure the release of the deformation of the vehicle body. The terminal of the acquisition system adopts the moving point solid contact method which can be effective capture the amount of deformation, resulting in high-quality test data, analysis of the rigidity of the body to provide reliable collection of data.
 White body rigidity test stand is mainly used for: car (MPV, SUV, bus, etc.) white body bending stiffness, torsional stiffness and the door and window deformation test. White body rigidity test bed is mainly used for: car (MPV, SUV, bus, etc.) white body bending stiffness, torsional stiffness and the door and window deformation test. Test the body in accordance with the use of the constraints and load conditions. It simulates the conditions where the sample is under the test. Under the experimental conditions, assess the body of the torsional stiffness and bending stiffness.
◆ Test bench with horizontal, vertical adjustment function.
◆ T-type bench rails on the slider can be left and right were adjusted 0 ~ 400mm, to meet the requirements of different car width.
◆ The rear mounting bracket can be slid longitudinally along the T-slot of the iron plate to meet the requirements of different wheelbase models.
 Body front suspension support                         Body rear suspension support
Servo load unit                                                 Torsional Stiffness and Stiffness of Stiffness
Displacement sensor and force sensor acquisition system
Computer control system and control cabinet              
Anti-body drop safety guard                             Manual loading device

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