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Microflow Porometer

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Operation Principle
 In this instrument a pressure transducer is located on the downstream side of the sample and the time rate of pressure change in the known volume of the down stream side of the sample chamber is used to compute very small flow rates. The flow rate through dry samples is measured according to the differential pressure. Under the increasing pressure, the gas flows into the back of the completely wetted samples in the chamber. When the pressure increases enough to overcome the point where the capillary of the liquid works in the hole (maximum hole) , that point is the bubbling point. After confirming the bubbling point, increase the pressure and measure the flow until all the holes are empty and the sample is dry.
 The microflow porometer is mainly used to determine the characteristics of low permeability membrane (gas separation membrane). The instrument is suitable for packaging, rubber abd special gas manufacturing companies.
Applied industries:
Automobile manufacturing      Battery separator  Ceramics  
Filtration   Geofabrics    
Nonwoven     Paper         
Pharmacy      Textiles
 · Samples permitting very low flow rate can be tested
· Very low permeability can be measured
· Fully Automated
· Windows based simple operation
· Provide other optional features
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Pore Size Range 0.013 - 500 microns
Permeability Range 1x 10- 1x 10- (microflow in cc/sec/m/torr)
Sample size 0.5” - 2.5” diameter
Pressure transducer range 0~500psi
Resolution 1 in 20,000
Accuracy 0.15% of reading
Pressurizing gas Clean, dry, and compressed air or nonflammable and non-corrosive gas
Mass flow transducer range 10cm/minute~500,000cm/minute
Power requirements 110/220VAC,50/60Hz (Others Available)
Dimension 30” H x 19” W x 18.5” D
Weight 100lbs

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