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customize various iron core silicon stell crgo core

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Foshan Ecko Electrotech Co.,Ltd.


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 Customize various CRGO  Silicon steel iron core/toroidal core /cut core/ rectangular core/epoxy coating core

It will be used  in the production of G.O.S.S.'s toroidal cores consists of 3% silicon-iron alloy. Manufactured with a grain orientation facilitates very low power loss ideal for high efficiency transformers.

· Up to 30% more flux for the same magnetizing force. 

·  Increased rating for a given size of transformer. 

· Better regulation. 

· Reduction in size and weight.  

· Reduced assembly time, storage and handling costs.   

Limits of Tolerance

ID:   ±0.8mm

OD: ±0.8mm up to 150mm Or  ±1.2mm up to 200mm

H:  -0+0.8mm for cores up to 60mm or  -0+1.2mm for cores over 65mm


Performance Guarantee

Non-Impregnated toroidal cores are normally offered with the following standard guarantee:
0.3mm Grade M4 50Hz 1.5 Tesla limit: 19.0 A/M


Magnetic Degradation

Occurs when toroidal cores are impregnated with varnish or epoxy coated.
Light impregnated varnish +15%
Epoxy coated +40%


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