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Automated Filter Tester 3120

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 It is an oil-only tester that has an airflow range of 100 to 200 L/min and can measure efficiencies up to 99.999%, or penetrations as low as 0.001%. In fact, Model 3120 uses the same proven oil-aerosol generator found in models 8127 and 8130. Like models 8127 and 8130, Model 3120 features dual light scattering photometers that simultaneously measure upstream and downstream particle concentration to ensure fast, repeatable results.
 Automated filter testing
 ◆ A touch-panel display makes the Model 3120 easy to use, so very little operator training is needed. On-screen menus enable users to easily change test parameters to meet specific requirements of different filters. A microprocessor controls the tester and calculates and displays filter penetration, resistance value and flow rate. Self-check diagnostics and automatic zeroing between tests ensures accurate, stable, and reproducible results.
◆ Compliance with respirator regulations
◆ Simple, fast and automated operation
◆ Service and support
 Dust removal system:
The compressed filtration air system provides a certain amount of testing dust for the aerosol generator
The test chamber:
Main test chamber and sample clamp
Monitoring and regulating system:
Pressure monitoring and adjustment provide dynamic test environment
Results display and analysis system:
Monitor through aerosol and display test results
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Measurement Application Loading and Quality Control Tests
Maximum Efficiency 99.999%
Aerosol Type DOP/PAO/DEHS/Paraffin/other Oils
Aerosol Generation Atomizer
Count Median Diameter 0.2μmm (Oil)
Geometric Standard Deviation <1.6m(Oil)
Flow Rate 15-100L/min
Resistance 0-150mm H2O(0-1470Pa)
Particle Detection Light Scattering Photometer
Typical Test Length 10s
Data Reporting Alpha-Numeric Display, RS-232
Operation Stand Alone Tester/Automated Production Lines
Compliance US 42 CFR part 84,EN 143,JMOL,ISO 23328-1


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