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Automated Filter Tester 3160

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Automated Filter Test model 3160 is the most advanced system available for challenging filters media with sub-micrometer aerosols. It can be used to test both low and high efficiency filters and filter media up to 99.999999% efficient or penetrations down to 0.000001%。
The model 3160 uses a bank of atomizers and the Electrostatic Classifier to challenge a filter of filter media with known-size, Mono-disperse particles. Two Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) Simultaneously count the upstream and downstream particles and computer software calculates the penetration value. Filters can be sequentially challenged with up to 20 different mono-disperse particle sizes in the range from 15 to 800nm. The penetration value for each particle size is calculated. At the end of a test. The 3160 generates a curve of penetration Vs. particle size and produces a summary of test results. Including the most penetration particle size (MMPS). Test results can be automatically saved in a Microsoft Access data base and exported into Microsoft Excel.
Model 3160 complies with EN 1822 Parts 3 and 5 and Provides the most complete information on filter penetration available from any filter tester. You’ll find it invaluable for product development and quality control.
Features and Benefits
 Determines Most Penetrating Size (MPPS);
Complies with EN 1822 Parts 3 and 5;
Simple Automated Operation;
Highly Consistent Test Results;
Service and Support;
Features and Benefits
 Aerosol Generation
Aerosol Types: Salt (NaCl) DOP and Other Oils
Size Range Selectable from 0.015 to 0.8um using electrostatic classifier Geometric Standard Deviation <1.3
Technical Specifications
Aerosol Detection
Technique: Condensation Particle Counter (CPC);
Dynamic Range: <0.01 to 106 Particles/cm3;
Aerosol Flow
Technique: Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Range Adjustable from 5 to 100L/min;
Accuracy: 2% of Reading;
Pressure Measurement
Technical : Electronic Pressure Transducer;
Range: 0 to 150 mmH2O (0 to 1470 Pa);
Accuracy: 2% of  full Scale;
Operating : Measures Particle Penetrations Down To 0.000001% or Efficiencies up to 99.999999%;
Automation and Data Management
Laptop Computer With Custom Software Supplied
Out Put
Full Report in both graphical and tabular form on laptop that can be printed using the supplied software. Other options, Include saving the data to Microsoft Access or Exporting it to Microsoft Excel
Built-In Internal Pump
Filter Holder for Flat Sheets Media
Utility Requirement
Power 115VAC 60Hz 10A or 230VAC 50Hz 5A
Pneumatics 7 m2/hr at 415 Kpa( 4 Scfm at 60 psi);
Dimensions (HWD) 183*122*82(72in*48in*32in)
Weight 410kg (900 lbs);

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