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High Performance Nano-fiber Filter Bag

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The high performance nanofiber filter bag, also known as nanofiber dust removal bag, is a dry dust collector. The filter element made of nanofibers with a diameter of 700nm is efficient in capturing solid particulates in air-born dust, which makes the filter bag an ideal material for dust filtration.
● The irregular stacked fiber structure with a diameter of several hundreds of nanometers loaded on the traditional filter bag can effectively intercept the dust particles before passing through the filter bag.
● The mesh structure block the particles on the surface of the filter bag, which reduces the impact of the dust particles on the filter bag and makes the blowback easier and extends the service life of the filter bag.
● The nanofibers can reduce the thickness and the linear density of the support bag after forming the network structure, thus reducing the pressure loss and improving the production efficiency.
 The high performance nanofiber filter bad has a wide range of applications.
· Powder recycling
Effectively capture recyclable particles.
· Dust filtration
Effectively capture fine dust particles emitted out from factories and projects for improving the environment.
Parameter Comparison

Filter Cloth Weight Thickness Air-born Dust Capturing Rate(5.3cm/s) Pressure Loss
g/m2 mm 0.3μm 0.5μm 1μm 2μm 5μm Pa
General processed filter cloth 550 1.5 36.9 48.2 69.9 88.2 100 103
Long life type nanometer filter cloth 620 3.0 44.6 55.6 74.3 88.7 100 43
High-capture type nanometer filter cloth 620 3.0 97.5 98.9 99.0 98.8 100 128


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