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Bacterial filtration efficiency Tester of face mask

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Bacterial filtration efficiency Tester of face mask can quickly and accurately measure the filtration efficiency of filtration protection equipment and materials . Salt aerosols or oily aerosols can be used as the test carriers, which are  in line with the requirements of US Occupational Safety and Health Council NIOSH standards.
Mask filter performance tester utilizes advanced technology and microprocessor for controlling.  The tester is designed with a good user interface and setting mode, which can simplify the training and operation. The test results directly display, easy and quickly.
 Suitable for professional filtration testing
The instrument is mainly used for the performance testing of respiratory protection products, disposable masks, filter medium, the security testing which is suitable for such products, basic filtering performance evaluation and guidance for the development of new products.
Mask filter performance tester is easy to operate. Using oily aerosol and solid  photometric detection technology, it can automatically measure the filtration efficiency and pressure drop of filter materials, filter masks and filter elements in a wide range of volume flow.
 · NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84  NIOSH Respiratory User Notices 42 CFR Part 84 Respiratory Protective Devices.
· EN 134  Respiratory protective devices - Nomenclature of components                                    
· JMOL   Japan protective mask standard.                             
· GB 19083 Technical requirement of medial protective mask.                  
· GB2626 Self-priming filter type particle resistant respirator.                          
· GB 32610 Technical specifications for daily protective masks
 Test types: Penetration efficiency, penetration resistance and flow rate, etc.;
Alarm system:  Users can set alarm time points according to their needs, so as to facilitate operation and management;
Data output: RS-232 communication port.
Technical Parameter
 Physical features:
Dimension: 22 inches width*45 inches height*30 inches length;
Weight: 185 pounds; 64kg;
Power supply: 115VAC,60Hz,2.5A;230VAC,50Hz,1.25A;
Compressed air supply: 10scfm@80psig(283slpm@5.6kg/cm2;
Recommended minimum internal diameter of compressed air:9.5mm;
Exhaust system: emission load is near 180Ipm.
Aerosol generator:
Generating system: Pneumatic spray ;
Aerosol types: DOP, DEHP, PAO-4;
Diameter: 0.18um; complying with NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84;
Geometrical deviation: less than 1.6; complying with NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84;
Concentration range: 20-200mg/m3;
Liquid consumption:8.8ml DOP/ DEHP.

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