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Electric Heating Fiber

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Electric heating fiber is made of metal microfilament and aramid fiber as raw materials, the use of new composite processing technology made of new fibrous heating element, in addition to excellent flexibility and can be rounded, but also has a very high strength. The electric heating system is made into a linear body, after the wire insulation treatment, and then covered with a layer of heat-resistant fiber on its surface, then can process into "preheater", the pressure and heat resistance are very good heater wire.

 Gelbo Flex flexing chamber structure
Gelbo Flex flexing chamber structure

Paving pictures

Technical advantages
● Made of high strength fiber , with higher flexural strength and vibration resistance .

● Permissible heat-resistant temperature up to 180 ℃, high heat resistance.
● High compressive strength, high load capacity, large machinery can  pressure directly.
● combined with the laying of the site construction, laying problem can be solved by factory prefabrication,  high  construction  flexibility.
● Pavement construction are same as  ordinary road, high pavement strength.
● can accurately locate the patch, easy maintenance and management.
Its derivative products include road heating materials for the bridge with very high strength requirements, high way, sidewalks and parking lot;  snow melting products for stairs, roof  and other related products.
Road heating
 Gelbo Flex flexing chamber paving roadheating

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