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M7 M8 Pick And Place Machine SMT Nozzle I-PULSE P017 Nozzles

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 M7 M8 pick and place machine SMT Nozzle I-PULSE P017 nozzles Original Quanlity


Items Information:


# Machine Model: M7/M8 SMT machine

# Item Name: Nozzles

# Item Model: P017

#Origin: Japan

Color: Balck






I-pulse series nozzles:
1.M1/M4 type:M001/M002/M003/M004/M005/M006/M012/M013/M017/M018/M019/M020/M021/M022/M031/M032/M033
2.M2 type:N001/N002/N003/N004/N005/N006/N012/N013/N017/N018/N019/N020/N021/N022/N031/N032/N033
3.M6 type:P005/P006/P012/P013/P017/P018/P019/P020/P031/P032/P033/P034/P042
4.FV7100/5530 type: K01/K02/K03/K04/K05/K06/K018/K019/K020
5.MT5800 type:G01/G02/G03/G04/G05/G06/G07/G08/G09/G10/G71
6.MT5620E/5520E type:1005/1608/2125/3216



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