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3kw 4kw 6kw CO2 Laser cladding and remanufacturing of mining machinery

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    1000 Case/Cases per Year

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Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co., Ltd.



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Complete equipment features

1.Can be selected for cladding, material consumption is low.
2.Due to the rapid heating and cooling, the microstructure of the laser cladding layer is uniform and dense, with few microscopic defects, and the performance is superior to other processes.
3.It is a non-contact type process that is easy to automate and achieve flexible processing.
4.The power, position and shape of the laser beam can be accurately controlled, and the selection area and even the micro area cladding can be easily realized, and the thermal effect on the substrate is minimal.
5.The dilution of the cladding layer is small and can be precisely controlled.

Specialized in providing all kinds of gears Rolls Petrochemical equipment Automotive molds Heat treatment of metal parts


Contrast between laser fusion covering and traditional procedure:

Stainless steel legs after laser fusion covering Traditional legs
No coating procedure Coating, environment huring
Worn partially, restore partially Worn partially, restore integrally
Fusion covering layer combined with matrix Coating layer tied with matrix
No maintenance within 5 years One maintenance each 1- 2years
Using after repairing recycled Junked after 2-3 maintenance



Name Brand
CNC control system and drive motor SIEMENS
Ball screw, guide rail, slider


Reducer Taiwan
Window lens Ⅱ-VI (USA)
Dynamometer BMEI
vacuum pump Beijing
power module Shandong
refrigeration compressor Tianjin


Control system and heat treatment software

Siemens 808D ac servo system is used in the numerical control system, set a work station of integrated control, centralized control of laser machining bed, laser source, powder feeder and light route system and so on; Control work station at the same time to separate controlling each part, with functions of automatic and manual switch;

Control system has strong functions: fulfilling many kinds of data “analog to digital-digital to analog” conversion, laser machining track display, digital information processing, fault analysis and alarm, wrong operation chain protection function;

Can do all kinds of procedure editing of machining heat treatment, laser cladding and implement automatic control for the whole process program;

Numerical control each shaft with integral interpolation function, numerical control system has the function of workpiece zoom, image features, the rotation function, linear/circular arc/slash interpolation function and the automatic connection;


Basic equipment composition



Application of Laser Heat Treatment Cladding in Metallurgical Iron and Steel Industry

In the iron and steel metallurgical industry, turbine rotating equipment (crew) is the carrier that provides energy and power. Laser processing technology provides safe, reliable, and quality-improved quality assurance for these major key equipment (units).
  For example, the moving and stationary blades of an axial compressor of a steel company, and the moving and stationary blades of a "tow-two" type TRT unit of a blast furnace turbine have been put into production and operated smoothly and reliably. In addition, all moving and stationary blades of the two units restored by the laser cladding profiling technology can increase the service life by 50-100% compared with the new blades originally designed and manufactured. Only these two devices can save the company about 500 more. Million yuan for maintenance funds.

Specialized in providing all kinds of gears Rolls Petrochemical equipment Automotive molds Heat treatment of metal parts



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