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Yamaha Yv100II Nozzle 35A KM0-M71AB-A0X

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 yamaha yv100x philips smt nozzle
part number (oem) description
kv8-m71u1-002 yamaha yv100x philips smt nozzle - type 71f ( 2 hole )
kv8-m71u1-001 yamaha yv100x philips smt nozzle - type 72f ( ' x' )
kv8-m7wk-a00 type 7wf ( æ1.2 / æ0.6) (fnc)
kv8-m71n1-a00 type 71f ( 2 hole )
kv8-m71n2-a00 type 72f ( ' x' )
kv8-m71n3-a00 type 73f 
kv8-m7wk-a00 type 7wf (æ1.2/æ0.6)
kv8-m71u6-001 nz. housing
kv8-m71u7-100 spring
kv8-m71u5-100 screw
k46-8527-c0x filter
kv8-m7wk-a00 type 7wf (ø1.2 / ø0.6)
kv8-m7710-a0x yamaha yv100x philips smt nozzle 71a (1.2x0.8)
kv8-m7720-a0x yamaha yv100x philips smt nozzle 72a (1.7x0.94)
kv8-m7730-a0x 73a 
kv8-m7740-a0x 74a 
kv8-m7760-00x 76a (melf)
kv8-m7wl-a00 7wa (1.2x0.6)
yamaha yv100 yvl88 philips emerald topaz smt nozzle
 part number (oem) description  remarks
 km0-m711a-31x    floating nozzle(for head1)    type 31  
 km0-m711a-03x    nozzle a    type 31 ufotype  
 km0-m711b-00x   nozzle b  type 32-1
 km0-m711c-02x    nozzle c    type 32-2  
 km0-m711d-00x    nozzle d comp    type 33  
 kg7-m711d-c0x    o-ring p4    o-ring p4 type b  
 kg7-m711d-c0x    o-ring    
 90990-17j013    o-ring    
 km0-m711e-00x    nozzle comp    type 34  
 kg7-m711e-00x    o-ring p9    b-p9  
 kg7-m711e-00x    o-ring    
 90990-17j015    o-ring    
 kg7-m71ab-a0x    nozzle ab    type 35  
 km0-m71mn-a0x    circle nozzle 3a    
 km0-m711j-a0x    nozzle type39 assy.    type 39 circle type  
 km0-m711a-02x  a (type 31) fixed  
 km0-m711a-02r nozzle - a (type 39)  od 1.2/ id 0.6 (round tip) spring loaded
 km0-m711a-302  nozzle - a (type 31)  'x' spring loaded (1.2 x 0.8 )
 km0-m711a-0807  nozzle - a (type 31)  'x' spring loaded ( 0.8 x 0.7)  



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