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VEIC Train Wash Plant (TWP)

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VEIC Train Wash Plant (TWP) is designed to wash and clean the outside surfaces of passenger electric multi-units (EMU) trains. After wash completed, the dusts, dirties and stains on the train’s skin will be wiped off and the train is well cleaned.

Where the driving power is supplied from third rail, TWP equipment will wash a train’s the roof, lateral sides and both ends.

Where the electric power is supplied from overhead line, the equipment will only wash lateral sides, both ends and the eaves. The roof will not be washed because of block by pantograph.

TWP’s operation will be in full automation. The train’s entry, movement and exit from the plant are precisely controlled by signaling system and sensors which are redundantly designed to ensure the operation being in fail-safe way. CCTV is provided to monitor whole washing process.

Associated sub-systems shall be supplied as integrated parts of TWP, including:

?  Tap water supply system,

?  Used water treatment system,

?  Treated water recycling system,

?  Chemicals (detergent) supply system, and

?  Compressed air supply system.

VEIC TWP is environmental friendly by saving wash water up to 80%.

Train wash plant is usually located inside a depot. The washing stations, which undertake to wash different parts of train skins, will be installed along a track of approx. 60 meter long. The control system consists of a console and a PLC cabinet that is located in a room closing to washing area. A place for storage of spares is necessary too within the wash plant.

In the past two decades, over 100 units of VEIC TWP have been installed in urban metro and subways across China, Tehran Subway of Iran, and metro in Viet Nam and Pakistan.image001.jpg

VEIC TWP installed at Shanghai Subway, China


VEIC TWP at Beijing Airport APM


VEIC Train Wash Plant consists of

?  Wash stations,

?  Control system,

?  Signaling system,

?  Fresh water supply system,

?  Used water treatment system,

?  Treated recycling system,

?  Chemicals supply system, and

?  Compressed air supply system.

The train wash stations undertake the main tasks of train washing. The wash stations are designed and sequenced (from the train entry to exit) as the followings.




Pre-wetting station

Pre-wetting means to spray recycled water onto the train surfaces when the train moves into the wash apron. A wet train skin will make it easy for the chemicals to wipe off dirties on the train surfaces.


Chemicals daubing station

Instead of spraying the chemicals onto the train surfaces, a new method is innovated by VEIC that is to use brushes to daub the chemicals onto the train surfaces.Daubing chemicals helps the chemicals to be easily emulsified and prolong the chemical reaction duration with dirties, thus to achieve better cleaning results.


 Eaves wash station                                                                              Roof wash station


Front and rear end wash station

An innovated tech called PEW (Profiling End Wash) is developed to wash the train ends not only for better wash results, but also without damage to the windscreen and scrapers.With PEW, the brush movement is properly controlled to follow up the profile of the train end. And, the attaching pressure from the brush on to the windscreen is adjustable to protect the windscreen and scrapers.


Profiling End Wash

image009.jpg  image011.png  image010.png

Drying station                                                           Rinsing station                                                              Side wash station

Operating with the wash stations, the associated systems will be supplied and shown below.

The control system includes a control console and PLC located in a room inside the wash plant to control and monitor of the wash station’s operation.


 Control console                                                                                                               PLC cabinet

The console includes a WinCC industrial computer and a touch screen as man-machine dialog interface allowing user to view the wash course, choose wash modes (automatic or manual), and select any part of the stations for operation. Health conditions and diagnosis results will also be shown on the console.

The PLC is a SIEMENS SIMATIC series product. It connects to the computer, all the sensors, switches and controllers through PROFINET featured with fast and reliable. A CCTV system will be supplied for monitoring the whole wash operation. Below is the main page.


Signaling system provides to control trains’ traveling including access to the wash plant, moving and stabling inside the plant and leaving the plant. The signaling system consists of LED lights, warning lights, warning noise, electric-optic switches and train stop signs, etc.

The other associated systems include fresh water supply, used water treatment, recycled water supply, chemicals supply and compressed air supply.

image015.jpg    image016.png

Fresh water supply system                                                                  Water treatment system

 image017.jpg    image018.jpg  image019.jpg

Recycled water supply system                                                Chemicals supply system


Compressed air supply system




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