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BH Series High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

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Main Features:

1.Adopted European MOSFET,IGBT solid power module and advanced resonance inverter technology,high efficiency,big output power and energy saving;

2.The digital phase-locked technology achieve frequency trucking automatically,optimization of metal heating process,ensure high efficiency and high speed heating;

3.100% full duty cycle,can work for 24hours continuously.Can control the heating temperature remotely and automatically by extra Infrared Thermometer,improve the heating quality and reduce human operation;

4.Perfect protecting functions,include “over-current, over voltage, water shortage, lack of phase and other fault state self-protected and display”,also some other necessary functions which will ensure our heater’s higher reliability and durability;

5.The time of three stages:“Heating”,”Maintain Temperature”,”Cooling” can be adjusted separately. Furthermore,the function of adjusting the power of ”Maintain Temperature” independently will be effective to control the heating curve and the heating temperature,suitable for workpiece of mass production,repeatability,rapid heating.when used in brazing,adopt combination of rapid heating and maintain temperature,not only heating fast,also solder spread out fully;

6.Easily operate and the output voltage is safe for operator.

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