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Pasteurized milk production line
Pasteurized milk production line

Pasteurized milk production line

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Pasteurized milk production line

The whole set production line of pasteurized milk is a production line of all kinds of food, which is made of fresh cow (sheep) milk as the main raw material. Raw milk acceptance, after filtration, cream separation, pasteurization, degassing, storage, deployment, sterilization, filling and other processes, warehousing and waiting for sale.

Pasteurization of pasteurized milk kills the pathogenic bacteria and putrefactive bacteria in the milk, ensures the safety of the product, and keeps the nutrition and unique natural taste of the fresh milk to the maximum extent. There is no significant difference between the nutritional value and fresh milk. Because pasteurized milk is not completely sterilized, there are bacteria left in the milk. This part of bacteria propagates very fast under the appropriate temperature, so it needs to be refrigerated, and the general shelf life is about 7 days.

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