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Self-propelled manure collector
Self-propelled manure collector

Self-propelled manure collector

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Taian Yimeite Machinery Co.,ltd



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This manure colector can collect manure in time and provide good environment for cows, it is easy to operate and transport the dung to hte appointed place.

Performance characteristics:

1. The rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive axles have stronger load and more stable driving. Increase and widen the feeding speed faster.

2. The dedicated chassis with independent design is stronger, and the axle adopts independent shock-absorbing bearing to drive more stable.

3. Special customized gearbox is more durable.

4. The special chain is more durable and the maintenance cost is lower. The perfect combination of stir dragon and auxiliary grilling material is cleaner.

5. A special engine and a specific gearbox are more durable and have a lower failure rate.

6. The domestically developed ultra-wide feeding device makes the feeding block dry faster.

7. Cattle commonly used high efficiency, labor-saving integrated automatic manure removal machine can be automatically loaded and unloaded, one person to complete the independent operation, 1000 head pasture operation completed in 2 hours, so that the problem of manure cleaning is solved.

8. Special engine for engineering vehicles, special torque converter, special weighted rear axle, special weighted front axle.

9. Various specifications of 3-16 cubic meters can be customized

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