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JQQC12T Small truck crane This product is a small truck crane approved by the national quality inspection agency. It is comfortable to drive, light and flexible, and low in price. The layout of the whole machine is optimized, and the stress of the main bearing components is more reasonable. The mature boom technology, which integrates the plug-in arm head, embedded arm block and special telescopic mechanism, makes the boom telescopic more stable and highly reliable. Optimized force design, using new H-shaped outriggers, greater span, stronger rigidity and better stability. Optimized lever-type operating mechanism makes operation easier. The control room of the small crane adopts an oversized front windshield, and the operation field of vision is more open. The new optimized design pipeline routing, the layout is more scientific and reasonable, greatly reducing the pipeline disassembly and assembly time, reducing maintenance costs. The electrical system has been fully upgraded, and anti-leakage plug connectors have been used to greatly extend the service life of components. More reliable quality Using the classic boom telescopic technology, the operation is safer and more reliable. The fully upgraded brake system, dual-circuit air pressure design, and multiple systems ensure the braking safety of the vehicle in all directions. The brand-new power steering mechanism adopts hydraulic assist design to make the vehicle steering more light, flexible and precise, and to ensure the safety of the vehicle at all times. The turntable and frame structure of high rigidity, the strength and rigidity are fully coordinated.

12 ton truck crane configuration parameters

Maximum lifting weight: 13000kg

Big arm: 7 meters 6 knots or 7 meters 5 knots

Engine model: 4102 EFI supercharged

Bottom plate: Tang Jun or Beiqi Foton chassis

Turntable: brand new 70 fierce, 1.4 meters internal tooth

Tires: 825-20

Motor power: 15KW oil and electricity, the motor core is all copper

Driving speed: 85km/h

Working oil pump: double pump confluence

Dimensions (length × width × height): 9.6*2.2*3.1m

Weight: 14000 kg

Equipped with double hooks and double winches (12 tons or 7 tons hydraulic winches/double 12 tons hydraulic winches)

Equipped with a central gyrator, the turntable can rotate 360°

Equipped with planetary reduction mechanism, faster and more stable rotation

Equipped with driving steering wheel assistance, driving the vehicle more easily and flexibly

Equipped with air brake, high and low speed driving

Equipped with five enlarged and extended hydraulic double outriggers

Equipped with hydraulic cooling system to reduce oil temperature and improve efficiency

Equipped with luxurious streamlined double cab

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