Ningbo Boigle Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


We Ningbo Boigle Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of TFT LCD TV and MINI DVD players, established in 2001. Our products line include 15 inch, 19inch, 20 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch 32 inch, 37 inch and 42 inch TFT LCD TV and 7 inch digital photo frame, 42 inch Plasma TV; We enjoy a 5, 000-square-feet factory equipped with advanced facilities, 500 skilled workers and 10 technicians. Five-product assembly lines ensure quick delivery and OEM/ODM order can be accepted.

We perform comprehensive QC in the whole production process from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery. The strong R&D team with ensures that all products reliably compliant with CE. Strong Capability of engineer R&D team keeps us in a leading position in design and manufacturing LCD TV products. Be leading runner of the industry is the aim we are always pursuing.

We emphasize on "Customers First, Prestige First". We wish to share mutual profits with all customers by joint efforts. Your any requirement is to be replied promptly and satisfied to the best of our abilities. See our lastest offerings online, or contact us for details.





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