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    Air conditioning; appliance manufacturing equipment; water heaters; electric water heater; drum washing machine; Washing Machine

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Haier is the world’s 4th largest whitegoods manufacturer and one of China’s Top 100 electronics and IT companies. Haier has 240 subsidiary companies and 30 design centers, plants and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees throughout the world. Haier specializes in technology research, manufacture, trading and financial services. Haier 2005 global revenue was RMB103.9 billion (USD12.8 billion). Guided by business philosophy of CEO Zhang Ruimin, Haier has experienced success in the three historic periods, noted as Brand Building, Diversification and Globalization. At the 21st anniversary of founding of the Haier Group December 26, 2005, Haier announced its 4th strategic development stage of Global Brand Building. In 1993, Haier brand was officially recognized as a famous brand and in 2005 valued at RMB70.2 billion. Since 2002, Haier has consecutively been ranked first in the row of China’s most valuable brands for manufacture of 15 products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, water heaters, personal computers, mobile phones and kitchen integrations. Haier was ranked first of China’s Top 10 Global Brands by China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (CSBTS) for refrigerators and washing machines. On August 30, 2005, Haier was ranked 1st of China’s Top 10 Global Brands by the Financial Times. Haier has been widely recognized as a leader of 9 products in terms of domestic market shares and the 3rd player of 3 products in the world market and world-class company in the fields of home integration, network appliances, digital and large-scale integrated circuits and new materials. Haier has long attached significance to innovation in satisfying the demands of worldwide consumers and realizing win-win performance between Haier and clients. Haier has currently obtained 6,189 patented technology certificates (819 for inventions) and 589 software intellectual property rights. Haier has hosted and taken part in modification of about 100 China’s technological standards. Haier invented technology, incorporated in the Safe Care water heaters and dual-drive washing machines, has been proposed to the IEC Criteria. Haier’s “OEC”, “Market-chain” and “Individual-goal combination” management performances have been recognized worldwide. Haier’s experiences have also been introduced into case studies of business mergers, and to financial management and corporate cultures of many foreign educational institutes, including Harvard University, University of Southern California, Lausanne Management College, the European Business College and Kobe University. Haier’s “Market-chain” management practice has also been recommended to the EU for Case Studies and “Individual-goal combination” management concept has been recognized by worldwide management researchers as an feasible solution of commercial over stocks and accounts overdue.

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