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    Hardware and Tool,Electric Machine,Electrical Wire and Electrical Cable,Equipment and Machinery for Weight-lifting and Transporting,Heavy Mining Machinery and Equipment,Casting Piece and Forging Piece

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    Machinery Mansion, 248 Guang An Men Wai Street, Xuan Wu District, Beijing 100055, P.R.china


Since its establishment CMIC is mainly engaged in contracting international engineering, procurement and construction projects, exporting complete plants and performing co-production, etc. In 1981 CMIC successfully signed a contract of turnkey project for one unit of 210 MW for Guddu Thermal Power Station in Pakistan, which was the first large-scale thermal power generation equipment made in China and entered into the international market. This project was high appreciated by the end user. CMIC has undertaken the project of cane-sugar producing complete plant with daily crushing capacity of 8000 tons, cane for Wangkanai Sugar Co. Ltd., Thailand, which was the first cane-sugar producing plant exported from China. CMIC has also contracted and constructed such projects as heavy-duty machinery plant, hydropower project, electricity transmission line, water supply project, cement plant, forging and pressing plant, pump works, agricultural machinery plant and the other plants for Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Romania, Angola, Vietnam, Sudan, Afghanistan, Laos, Myanmar, ect. CMIC has acquired manufacturing technology for 300 MW and 600 MW steam turbines and generators for fossil-fueled power generating plants from the Westing House U.S. In cooperation with Germany and Japan firms CMIC has undertaken the joint design and co-production for 2050mm continuous hot strip rolling mills and 1900mm slab continuous casting plant for Baoshan Iron and Steel Complex, and the complete mechanical and electrical equipment for port handling used in the Qinghuangdao port project Phase II. The success of these large-scale engineering projects fully marked CMIC's capacity and fine prestige. Since its establishment CMIC has contracted more than 1000 technology transfer projects for mechanical and electrical industries of China and imported various kinds of machinery and equipment worth billions U. S. Dollars. Incorporation with Japan , Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Pakistan, etc. CMIC dispatched for services and training technical personal, trainees and labour forces abroad. CMIC sincerely hopes to establish and develop various forms of economic and technological cooperation with corporations, enterprises and groups at home and abroad, jointly open up the international market, expand economic and technological exchange and trade. CMIC is willing to serve all the friends from industrial, commercial, scientific, technological, financial, and trade circles of all countries and regions throughout the world, and to become your reliable partner in international cooperation, CMIC believes that trade and cooperation between CMIC and all parts of the world would be even broader and closer.

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