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Credit and (Capacity) Advantage of the Company : The company is provided with the authentication and intelligence such as ISO9001, CSA, UL, CE and reaching standard in environment protection etc and it is one of the quality credited star enterprises in China's machinery industry in 1997. The enterprise has an annual production capacity of 3000000kw. It can undertake developing and producing the motors needed by the customers and serving them with good quality and properprice as well as on time. Serving the customers with quick reaction has made the company become one of the supply chains of most creditable strength for the old and new customers. Service Field and Performance : The main products of the company include the universal Series Y,Y2 motors and multi-speed motor, special types of plastic extruder motors, motors used for compressors, servomotors, electromagnetic speed control motors, frequency-translating motors, spindle motors, vibration motors, braking motors and motors used for elevators, motors used for fans, explosion protection motors, roll motors, textile motors, NEMA standard motors, 15 series and over 2000 specifications in total. The motors are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, machinery, chemical engineering, oil, pharmaceuticals, textile, refrigerating, foodstuffs, machinetools, plastic extruders, compressors, retarders, fans, elevators, pumps, etc. The internal markets have covered all the provinces and cities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government except Tibet Autonomouse Region, the exported motors have been well received by 12 countries and regions. In the exported motors, the NEMA standard motors have been sold to USA and Canada, THe roll motors have been sold to Japan's Mitsubishi company as the matching equipment and the special motors have been sold steadily to the purchasing organizations of the transnational companies. The continuous perfecting of the marketing networks of the company are bound to meet the needs of the customers from all over the world. The Development of Science and Technology and Talents : The company's ERP(enterprise resource planning) system, CAD engineering network, marketing & service network, communication and information means, high-efficiency NC special motors production lines, advanced detecting and testing equipment and the science and technology contingent composed of over 200 personnel with doctor's degrees, medium and senior titles of technical positions and all the staff and workers have provided the guarantee for developing and producing the high-quality and reliable products speedily and in lowcost and also for service to meet the needs of the customers.

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