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Tianjin LongKing Hardware Tools Co.Ltd is located in Tianjin with convenient traffic and developed communication. The corporation reformed from Tianjin Metal Tools Corporation.
The corporation possesses the heavy pressing machine, numerically-controlled machining center and more than 100 new-type special equipments. The non-sparking safety testing center (National Light-industry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Non-Sparking Tools) towards impacting, friction, drop-hammer tests and safety test, locating in the company, is authorized the only one which adopts Japanese standard and national GB 10686-10693-89 standard.

LongKing Hardware Tools Co.Ltd is the first manufacturer to produce professional non-sparking tools in the country. The safety tools are manufactured from Beryllium Copper or Aluminum Bronze, and are used in potential combustible and explosive atmospheres such as oil, gas, petrochemical, flammable material manufactures, chemical manufactures, distilleries, paint manufactures, gas conduit construction, leather processing, electric power, military affairs, pharmaceuticals, ship industry, tankers, aviation and space industry etc and the environment where sparks are the potential fire or explosion.
The products adopt the German techniques DIN, accord with the National Safety Standards and have obtained many international certificates: ISO9000 Quality Management System, ISO14000 Environment Management System, OHSAS18000 Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series and the TUV international certificate of non-sparking.
The traits of LongKing non-sparking tools are different from the other products of the same kind:
· All the tools are produced according with the national standards completely. Each one must be tested to be eligible for the national level and be insured by People’s Insurance Company of China, which is the complete security assurance of the staff and equipments. 
· All the tools are forged, which is better than the casting ones in the density and intensity of the internal structure.
· The machine performance, dimension and precision of all the products are in line with the professional standards as well as the products are qualified with long service life.
· The obvious differences between our non-sparking tools and the other products of the same kind are non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, and the predominance of tensile strength and hardness index.
· With the advanced manufacturing technology, we could offer professional non-sparking tools, and all kinds of special tools are available upon your request.

The corporation is in possession of excellent staff, professional engineers and technicians, experienced operators and efficient office clerks. The management responsibility, operation process and testing process are in the strict control. The corporation has always geared itself toward the objective “Safety First and Superior Quality”. Over the years, it has persistently adhered to the policy of “Best Quality, Lowest Cost, Largest Sales and Perfect Services”. Therefore, it is engaged in improving the production techniques and controlling the testing process to persistently improve the quality of the products; taking part in the competition of the market actively to improve the services; keeping the best price versus performance ratio and thus, having a stable consumer group. Furthermore, the corporation has the strong belief of protecting the intellectual property rights and the environment. By sustained improving the quality, struggling to be professional and be pragmatic attitude, LongKing and its products have gained good public praise and the approval of experts in the tools circle. And therefore, the corporation enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.