Xuzhou Silkway Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. located in the most famous construction machinery city Xuzhou, China. As a professional construction machinery exporter, Silkway has many years marketing experience for construction machinery in China, we have abundant experience and resources for pre-sale, sale and after sale service, and we have been approved Export Right by China government, our enterprise philosophy is "Credibility, Integrity, Perfection"- C.I.P term.

Business scope: Our products have been exported to 80 different countries; include Australia, American, England, Poland, holland, Italy, Russia, India,Main countries of Africa, Mid-Asia, Southeast Asia etc.

1. Lifting equipments
(1) Fully hydraulic auto crane, the max lifting weight from 8 ton to 160 ton. 
(2) Fully hydraulic all terrain auto crane, the max lifting weight from 25 ton to 1200 ton. 
(3) crawler crane, the max lifting weights from 35-ton 2000 ton 
(4) Tower crane (horizontal jib; movable jib), the max lifting from 4 to 50ton. All model can realize  stationary, under-carriage, traveling and attached for your construction need.

2. Road roller, weight from 0.8 ton to 30ton. Including the double drum , vibratory road roller, single drum and vibratory road roller, pneumatic road roller.

3. Asphalt & concrete paver, working width from 2.0m to 14m.

4. Wheel loader, bucket capacity from 1 ton to 12 ton. Bucket volume from 0.5 cbm to 6.5cbm

5. Bulldozer from 80hp to 520hp

6. Crawler Excavator and wheel excavator bucket volume from 0.044cbm to 6cbm.Operation weight from 1.64t to 90t

7. Motor Grader from 102hp to 535 hp.

8. Concrete equipment like truck mixer from 6cbm to 14cbm ,concrete pump from 37m boom to 56m boom etc.

9,Set of mixing plant, fixed and mobile asphalt mixing plant from 80t/h to 400t/h, concrete mixing plant from 50t/h to 540t/h

10,All kinds of drilling rig.

11,Logistic machine: general forklift ,container forklift, ...........

12,Spare parts stock

13, Building hoist, lifting capacity from 1 to 10 ton

14, Pipelayer

15, Trailer-mounted Concrete Pump, Max output from 35 to 90 m3/h

16, Cold Milling Machines





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