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    Land rigs, the polar sets of drilling rigs and marine drilling rigs, drilling pump, offshore drilling and production platform equipment, well control wellhead equipment, special vehicles, steel wire rope, large-diameter roller cone drill bits and other drilling equipment accessory products, as well as electrical control, unconventional oil and gas equipmentand abatement equipment

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--Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as the "jewel Machinery Company"), China National Petroleum Corporation belongs to the earliest of factories, the largest and strongest research and development of oil drilling equipment manufacturing company, is the world's largest land-based oil rigR & D and series mud pump manufacturing base, the country's largest, strongest important occasions use wire rope developed manufacturing base, oil drilling equipment in China R & D and manufacturing of leading enterprises.Gem mechanical company, formerly known as Baoji Petroleum Machinery Factory, founded in 1937, the 1953 transfer of the oil system, restructuring in 2002 set up a limited liability company, China National Petroleum Corporation is wholly-owned establishment of a limited liability company in 2008. Company consists of 11 functional departments, offices, 17 direct agencies and 20 secondary units, including the Xianyang gem Steel Tube Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd., gem mechanical the Chengdu equipment manufacturing branch, three the Baoji gems Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. a wholly owned sub-and Xi'an Bao America Electric industrial Co., Ltd. the gem electrical equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing gem MH Offshore Oil Engineering technology Co., Ltd., Brazilian gems oil equipment limited liability company, four holding subsidiaries. Employs 8263 people, including more than 319 titles, Ph.D., MA 143, enjoy special government allowances experts, expert with outstanding contributions in Shaanxi Province, China National Petroleum Corporation senior technical expert, expert skills people. Existing equipment more than 4300 pieces (sets), the total area of 250 hectares, construction area of 300,000 square meters, total assets of 8.208 billion yuan, annual sales revenue of 50 billion yuan.

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