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Shenzhen speed wave digital technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture, was established in May 2005, registered capital of RMB2, 000 million; the existing staff of 500 people.

Shenzhen speed wave digital technology Co., Ltd. is a really specialized in the R & D and production of digital set-top box manufacturers, has its own R & D and production base. The company has a strong R & D team composed of senior engineers from the DVB industry, specializing in DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T digital TV receiver developed by software engineers, hardware engineers, professional-looking design and menu graphic designers, have experienced the DVB industry experience and a wealth of experience in product development; the core members of more than 10 years of DVB R & D experience, hardware and software engineers, 60 production, quality, process engineers, 15, currently the company's product development team is still constantly enrich and grow.

Shenzhen-speed wave digital technology Co., Ltd., the leading vendor in the DVB industry to establish good relations of cooperation, such as Yong Xin Tong Fang, ST, robust network, the THOMSON, PHILIPS, the LSI, FUJITSU and so on; software testing laboratories and hardware testing laboratory, equipped with advanced signal generator, stream analyzers, stream capture, oscilloscopes and other equipment that can simulate real-world environments, the testing of a variety of technical indicators; company has more than 12,000 square meters standard factory production of hardware support facilities; automatic plug-in machine (AI) (vertical and horizontal units), 9 Mounter (SMT) (plan 15) and Pb-free reflow soldering, wave soldering machines and other production equipment; aging 4,000 one-time set-top box capacity of aging workshop, the use of intelligent control, within 8 hours with a load, high temperature, high and low impact test; a complete production line-signal test systems three U-shaped assembly line assembly-line, and is equipped with an automatic packing line; production site all the anti-static treatment of advanced production technology so that our quality has been a reliable guarantee. The company has independently developed digital TV receiver DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T series, the FTA, CI and CA products; the initial planning of the production capacity of 4,000,000 units / year, and current monthly production capacity of 200,000 Taiwan is a domestic set-top box industry's largest companies.

Shenzhen-speed wave digital technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the requirements of product quality and high standards. According to ISO9001 quality standards, design, procurement, production, inspection, sales process, and operate in strict accordance with the norms, in July 2006 by Norway UKAS (Classification Society) ISO9001 quality system certification. Production from raw material procurement to every aspect of the finished product storage, and follow strict quality control procedures. Products have been produced by the China Quality Certification Center of the Chinese national compulsory product certification testing, and obtain certification; exports by the EU CE certification, the company at the end of April 2006, the full import of the EU ROSH standard lead-free process manufacturing, has the bulk to customers, stable supply, in a leading position in domestic DVB set-top box manufacturers.

l the domestic market:

Of October 2005 on the domestic market to conduct market research and set up sales network. The company has established offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shaanxi Province, Kunming, Guizhou and other provinces (municipalities) and point of sale.

The successful usage of description:

September 2006 was nominated for Being Paid Group's digital television whole translation project;

In October 2006, winning the overall translation project of Zhejiang Jinhua broadcasting digital television, under the jurisdiction of the counties (cities) to Jinhua broadcasting branch supply nearly 50,000 units (the basic set-top box);

In January 2007, the company won the bid Shandong Jining cable digital TV set-top box (basic) project, a the Jining the SVA six set-top box suppliers, supplier to Jining broadcasting 20000;

June 2007, the successful tenderer Changsha electric Quanta wide Broadband Network Limited two-way interactive digital set-top box project has already begun supplier has to supply 20,000 units;

June 2007, the successful bidder of the the Changsha Quanta electric wide Broadband Network Limited basic digital set-top box project, has begun to supply;

June 2007, the successful the Hengyang power wide broadband network two-way interactive digital set-top box project, ranked first among the successful vendor;

In addition, the company in Kunming, the network of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang television more than a dozen provinces, municipalities and corporate networks are running in the network.

In March 2007, the company won the bid the State Administration of Radio Broadcast TV monitoring centers nationwide terrestrial wireless radio and television monitoring system project (the third item, the package and the seventh project package), I am responsible for the construction of each monitoring point in the country front-end monitoring system, and provide appropriate equipment, the project has been completed and passed inspection.

l the international market:

I produced the DVB-S, DVB-T series of digital TV receivers all exports, mainly to Europe, North America (United States primarily to terrestrial television broadcasting in the main, the corresponding standard ATSC), the Middle East, Southeast Asia, The company has an experienced professional overseas marketing team, establish a good brand image and reputation in the market and partners; the company has formed a strategic partnership with one of Europe's top set-top box operators, and the top five and the Middle East three set-top box operators, with annual sales of more than 110 million units / year in the first quarter of 2007, sales have shipped nearly 300,000 units.

Speed ​​waves in Shenzhen CIBA Vision Investment & Development Co., Ltd. to invest in Heze, Shandong Heze Meikai Electronics Co., Ltd., established in April, 2006, registered capital RMB3000 million in Heze Development Zone has an area of ​​150 acres Meikai Industrial Park, with a total investment of more than 150 million yuan, Heze city government focus on supporting high-tech enterprises; the company if successful Heze digital television migration project, will achieve the set-top boxes localization of production, sales service network will also achieve The localization of the operation.

The speed of the wave of the mission is the humane management as the basis, combined with the modern mode of operation, adhere to the "zero defect" products to serve the market;

Wave speed, wave their responsibility to the speed of the digital industry, abide by the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, professionalism, humanity, and gather together the many highly specialized, and the young elite of the strong entrepreneurial impulse;

A team forward users worldwide to showcase our new vitality, quality products and highly competitive!


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