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China henan mechanical and electrical group limited company since was established, adhere to the complete sets of air separation units, pressure vessel and pressure pipe design, manufacture, installation and technology import and export as the main core business, develop the air separation unit investment, mining investment, gas project general contracting at home and abroad and overseas investment business. Continuously explore new business areas, and to focus on the depth of the country market comprehensive development as the means, give full play to each business potential, realize the target market whole country in business benefit maximization; At the same time, the company constantly cultivate talents ability to grasp the opportunity, gathering ability, project development and management ability and the ability of the alliance based on mergers and acquisition, and further improve resource integration optimization and market network management of the core competitive ability. At present, the company's rapid development situation, and prudent business style, good assets status and performance has accepted for the investors.

The company take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, knowledge creation value, seeks the development integration; Make full use of social resources and provide personalized services, and continuously enhance the company's core competition ability, to achieve the company promoted the value and the whole company's sustainable growth; So as to make the company become a complete set in air separation unit, gas investment, mine development, engineering contracting for the integration of multiple group company.