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-- ZOOMA was founded in 1990, located in Beijing, the capital of China and originated from ancient city Xingtai. Beijing is political, economic and cultural center in China and also it is hinge of international exchange. The history of the city is long, the environment here is good and the traffic is developed. ZOOMA is an international multifunction group company assembling with design, research, manufacturing, trading and services as a whole and its main business is export of accessories and fittings of heavy truck and dealing with import of construction materials, mechanical equipment, environmental protection products and technical products.

Since ZOOMA was established in China 18 years ago, it has been implementing the idea of honesty with innovation, humanity respect and dedicating to the service of motherland. After many years’ hard work, ZOOMA has made good business relationship with more than 60 countries and more than 200 customers in the world and its annual export amount is over 50 million USD. ZOOMA has become an important cooperation partner of Europe in Asia on accessories and fittings industry of heavy truck.

The splendid undertaking course of ZOOMA is a development course that to create double-win and long-term cooperation. All of these are new point, new energy and new model of development of the company and also they make the company enter into a new development opportunity period.

For eighteen years, the company has always been treating “multiple development, double-win, harmonious development, dedicating to the services of motherland depending on industry, benefiting the society” as core value view of the enterprise. Not only the customers are wealth but also they are responsibilities. The company observes the principle that the quality is the first and controls the quality strictly to improve the quality level of the products. The strong research and quality inspection teams provide the best products, new design and more wonderful services to the customers. The good attitude and exquisite quality improves the core competitive strength for the company.

The good image of enterprise for being responsible for products and customers wins the customers’ sufficient trust and wide recognition. In order to provide more better cooperation and services to the customers, ZOOMA not only cooperates with domestic famous universities and research academies actively, but also established branch company in London of Britain in 2007 and set up independent research institution there, which it will become market information collection center, products research and development center and sales front line of the group company.

The stable raw material supply, modern manufacturing base and strong technical support provide reliable guarantee for the stable quality and delivery of the products. The group company has 8 complete-capital subsidiary companies, 21 holding companies and more than 200 cooperative companies. The period from research and development to manufacturing is very short, so it is favorable to occupy the market shares and satisfy the partners’ development requirements.

The management of the company has been implementing the principle that the people can bring their talent into play sufficiently, the properties can be used best and the money can be expensed on real purpose. The perfect organization setup provides guaranteed support to the company to realize fast reaction, good quality products and wonderful services, so all of these make the enterprise keep the good image among the market competition.

In order to deepen “international cooperation” strategy further, the company does mutual visit with customers and prepares to participate in industrial international exhibition actively. Through this way, the company can know the market further and close to the customers to know their business and work method, discuss the new demand of international market, new trend of industry and development direction face to face so that to define the new cooperative idea further. As a result, the phase fruit of strategy facing to the future has been got.

The road is still long, but we will continue to endeavor! ZOOMA will continue to renovate management, renovate the products and renovate the market. It will continue to deepen to expand the industrial chain, to become bigger, to become more exquisite and to become stronger to satisfy the market demands and benefit the society. At the same time, we are looking forward to strengthening communication and establishing long-term friendly cooperation with more far-sighted domestic and foreign enterprises to win the future together!

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