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    The rail various stages of research and survey and design

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--The vast land in the beginning of the founding of New China, west China's Gansu Province, Tianshui, not an inch of railway. With the footprint of the iron pre-hospital line, the train across the mountains, across the Gobi desert, jump the roof of the world, continue to extend the railway map of New China, dedicated one after another of even the world of railway construction in the history of miracles.56 years, the hospital accumulated nearly 450,000 km of rail various stages of research and survey and design put into operation more than 30,000 kilometers, and has devoted the first electrified railway, the first article of the desert railway, the first Salt Lake Railway, the world's leading plateau permafrost Railway, the world's first high-speed railway to be built in collapsible loess areas ...Difficult to enumerate the many first cast our hospital is unique in our modern transport technology brand, the mountain railway, plateau permafrost railways, desert railway, electric railway, long tunnel, large bridge, a major railway hub and the marshalling yard, Wireless Train Control Command and Control System, environmental protection, large-scale interchange projects complete survey and design technology has reached the domestic or the world advanced level. Complete control of the speed of 350 km high-speed rail, urban rail transit design strength among the first-class ranks.The hospital Jianyuanyilai a total won national and provincial scientific and technological progress, excellent engineering survey and design, excellent software, and standards of excellence in design award excellence create award more than 400 items. Among them, more than 100 more than the first prize in the national and provincial level, the progress of national science and technology a top award three first prize of two Gold Prize of National Excellent Engineering Investigation and Design 7.56 years of hard struggle to create a "special ability to endure hardship, to fight, in particular to offer, in particular, can innovative" traffic survey and design team. More than 3900 existing staff of the hospital, high, mid-level professional and technical personnel more than 2,000 people, nearly 900 by the various state vocational qualifications. More than 200 advanced collectives and individuals of national and provincial level have emerged in different historical periods. Among them, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Engineering Survey and Design Master 5, the CPC Central Committee, alternate member of a National Excellent Communist Party Member of a national advanced producers and the national model workers people by the National Labor Medal, enjoy the state government subsidies 23.Wan Juan trickle and eventually became a river. From the hospital 56 years continuing to explore all these achievements, the struggle, hard work and innovation from the development of enterprises in the history of three arduous venture with three successful leaps and bounds.

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