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Jiangsu new electric vehicle Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in electric vehicle research and development, production and sales of large-scale private joint-stock company.        Highlight the main business spirit of "optimize the structure, focus resources, industrial innovation" business ideas and the sun where there is a new day "concept of development, new electric cars on its strong technological R & D and new product development capabilities continue to broaden the area of ​​operation, with the three major production base in Wuxi, Tianjin, and Xiangyang in China has developed into the leading enterprises of Chinese electric car industry products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.         The shares of the new Japanese high-tech enterprises, with the industry's largest and strongest R & D centers, testing centers, research and testing organization, the integration of industry strategic partnership formed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Hefei University, at the same time The new electric cars on the establishment of a pure electric vehicle industry's first "post-doctoral workstations and academician workstation. Spirit "into the new day, feel the sun" service concept, the new electric cars throughout the country, more than 5,000 sales and service outlets to provide customers with a whole network of quality services. With high quality products and services, strong research and development with a strong marketing network in the Chinese industry's first pure electric vehicles by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified as "China Famous Brand". In June 2009, the new electric cars on the brand value of 3.725 billion yuan, was selected the World Brand Laboratory (WBL) 2009 500 most valuable brands list "in 2012 again the brand value of 6.208 billion yuan as the industry's only The brand was re-elected the brand value of 500, was assessed as the brand value of China's electric transport industry enterprise. In 2009, the new electric cars has awarded the "Gold Spectrum Award - the electric car industry champion," 2009 China Best Business Model "," champion of the eighth grow hundred. In 2010, the new electric car won the "Green Civilization Contribution Award" issued by the United Nations and APEC "growth Benchmarking Enterprise 20".         In May 2008, the new electric cars and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee signed a cooperation agreement, exclusive venues and service establishments to competition, non-competition at the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games during 3000 two electric vehicles and provide 25 four-wheel electric vehicles, product quality and service standards to world-class sports events agencies recognized. June 7, 2009, the new electric cars to participate in the 2009 Third Pole Mount Everest campaign "During the operation, volunteers in the Everest region, the new electric cars on the world's highest electric car experiment, while Everest region into the world's highest electric car rental station.         In December 2009, the new electric cars and the Shanghai World Expo Bureau signed a sponsorship agreement, officially became the "World Expo 2010 Shanghai China electric vehicles designated suppliers. 10 kinds of new Japanese brand models of two-and four-wheel electric vehicles will serve up to six months in 2010 in the Shanghai Expo in the region for tourists from around the world, officials and staff, volunteers, the Shanghai World Expo such as 73 million to provide a convenient green transport services.         In March 2009, new electric cars on the first appeal - electric cars should also be included in the directory "home appliances" This has been the wide response and support of the national mainstream media, local government departments. March 29, 2010, approved by the State Council executive meeting carried out in 10 provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and other electric cars to the countryside ", electric vehicles enjoy a 13% financial subsidy, subject to a ceiling of 260 yuan. Tender announced a province of the electric car to the countryside to August 17, 2010, in the ten provinces of the new electric cars, "ranks the first of 144 successful enterprises and the total number of 240 models of successful models, known as the "Standard King".         In December 2010, the new electric cars to lead a green lifestyle, and become "2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Expo global partner. Nearly 200 new World Park will provide 10 number three and four-wheel electric vehicles, the 178 days will be of tourists 15 million, which hosted the party and state leaders and countless foreign dignitaries, the famous Movie Star. More than 200 electric cars total mileage of over 3.56 million kilometers, about the World Park will reduce emissions of 3500 tons, made outstanding contributions to the green low-carbon World Park, Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition Organizing Committee awarded the "Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition will highlight the business Contribution Award. "         At the same time, in the development process, the new electric cars have always adhered to return to the community for the benefit of the concept of the community to participate in social charitable cause. Since its establishment, the new Japanese shares accumulated donated money value to tens of millions of dollars, involving science, education, culture, health and other aspects, the "5.12 Wenchuan earthquake occurred, the new electric cars first to participate in the organization of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation "Red Action", $ 2.07 million yuan donated money to the disaster area, and sent a Disaster Relief Task Force-depth Sichuan disaster relief, advocacy "that is, charity shopping, I was Chinese red," civilians charitable consumer fashion, positive corporate citizen social responsibility.         Looking ahead, the end of 2015, new electric cars will achieve the production and marketing various types of electric vehicles 5 million to the Third Five-Year Plan; to the Fourth Five-Year Plan at the end of 2019, the new date will be further consolidation in the electric transport tools industry leader status, affect the electric vehicle industry, the popularity and influence of medium-sized enterprises in the Chinese business community.

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