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Company Profile Introduction

JOTEC International Heavy Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as JOTEC), is a subordinate company of JOTEC Group, which is a cross-region, cross-industry, large-scale enterprise group with capital as a link. The business scope comprises construction machinery, agricultural machinery, numerical control machine, auto parts, mineral resources and real estate. The manufacture bases are located in Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.


Located in the business center of Beijing, Oriental Plaza, NO.1 East Chang’ an Ave., JOTEC is the management Center, trade center and industry incubation center of JOTEC Group. It focuses on expanding overseas market, developing new business, and advancing cooperation projects.


JOTEC dedicates to put “JOTEC” brand on the map of world-class equipment manufacturing industry. We have abundant product resources and professional sales network. Mainly exporting construction machinery, harvester, mechanical parts etc, JOTEC has an overseas marketing network covering Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and Oceania area. For import business, JOTEC mainly deals with advanced agricultural equipment to offer overall solutions to the planting industry chain of large-scale farms. Our client base and sales network mainly covers northern China.


JOTEC has several strategic business units in both forms of self-operation and cooperation, which provide abundant products with great quality for exportation and importation. The manufacture center of construction and harvest machinery, which focuses on self-operation, mainly locates in SHANDONG and ZHEJIANG. While the agricultural machinery unit performs as the distributor of some GERMAN, DENMARK, ITALY, FRANCE companies, such as “LEMKEN”, “GRIMME”, “ASA-LIFT” and so on.


Taking “Quality makes success ,Cooperation makes brighter future” as our business concepts, depending on support of our partners and continuous effort of our own team, JOTEC already set up three business segments including harvest machinery, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. With excellent product quality, good service and advanced management, JOTEC got full trust of our clients and partners. The business layout is “1+N+2” which stands for “one Management Center + several strategic business units + two marketing networks” and our basic form of business is “import + export”.


“PROMOTE GLOBALIZATION AS WE CAN” is the aspiration of JOTEC and its staff. For the future development, JOTEC will adhere to “PROCEED TO SUCCESS TOGETHER, FOR EVER” as its mission, struggle for a brighter future with our clients and partners.

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