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Energy Construction Group Jiangsu Province Electric Power Construction Engineering Company, a subordinate unit of the China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd., established in 1953, with a qualification of the national electricity works construction contract, the Chinese foreign project contracting business qualifications, foreign economic cooperation business qualification repair, test, and for installing (and) a construction permit, the construction of all kinds of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, substations, and long-distance pipelines, steel and other installation, as well as technological innovation and environmental protection projects based industry. In recent years, the company responsible enterprises to build as the starting point to deepen the internal management, highlighting the culture of faithfulness, to build the responsible project to establish a responsible corporate image. In 2005, the company put into operation a total installed capacity of 6.123 million kilowatts, a force that most of the national counterparts; 2006, the Company will successfully work area extended to Anhui, Shaanxi and Vietnam, Quang Ninh; 2007, our company has the construction of Jiangsu Tang Lv four Power Plant 2 × 60 kW unit project, Xuzhou Pengcheng power plants three 2 × 100 MW units of Unit 1 of the works, installation of the Beijing Electric Power Company 500 kV south of the substation and power transmission and other works; 2008, the company Guodian Taizhou Power Plant 2 × 100 MW Unit 2 construction of the project after another transfer of production; since 2009, the company has always been forward to maintain the stable development momentum.
        Companies follow the "scientific management, and construction work, striving for power masterpieces of the times; safety and prevention first, to ensure that staff health and safety; pollution prevention, resource conservation, creating green construction environment; regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, empowerment of customers, employees and management system approach of social satisfaction, quality, occupational health and safety, environment, three systems integration (ie, three standard one), has won the National May Day Labor Award, the National Excellent Construction Enterprise, the National Health Cup "contest winners enterprises, advanced units of the national implementation of customer satisfaction projects, advanced units of the building of enterprise culture, civilized unit of Jiangsu Province, the State Grid Corporation of civilization units and many other honors, was named the National "Credible" units, the China Construction Social AAA credit class enterprises. Company the construction of the Nantong sanguandian 500 kV substation project won the "National High Quality Silver, Jiangsu Xu Tong Power Generation Company Limited, 2 × 30 million kilowatts of technological transformation projects, Changshu Power Plant Phase II 2 × 60 million kilowatts of Guodian Taizhou Power Plant a 2 × 100 MW project won the "Luban Prize", Jiangsu Yao Lake 220 kV Substation Project as the State Grid Corporation of quality power transmission project, the Huaneng International Power Development Company Participation Tongchuan Power Plant 2 × 60 million kilowatts of Engineering and Jiangsu the big Tanglv four Hong Kong power plant 4 × 600MW "big pressure on the small" was named "China's Power Quality Engineering Award.
        The company has a excellent faithfulness culture, always adhere to the main line of reform and development, adhering to the "letter to the Founding, in order to implement into the work style of the" spirit of the company and Jiesi Min OK, hard work, "" excellence, the pursuit of better the tireless efforts and dedication to provide customers with quality engineering and excellent service, quality, duration, service tops in the forefront of peers.

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