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Primatronix(Nanho)Electronics ltd

  • Main Products:

    FCC, CE, ETL, CEC, WEEE, RoHS, PAH & REACH standards

  • Location:

    No.100 busha rd,bujilonggang,shenzhen,china

  • Official Website

  Primatronix is a prestigious and experienced manufacturer for OEM / ODM electronic products. We integrate advanced technology into telecommunication, electronic and LED lighting to produce innoviation products. 

  We produce a variety of products. "Record a Call" is our brand for our telecommunication product and "Nanho" is our brand for our mobile phone in Chinese market. Our product lines includes energy saving products, LED lighting, Jetswitch Headset, 3D Webcam, Digital Microscope, mobile phone and a wide range of phones such as USB Phones, System Phones, Home Phones, Bluetooth Phones, Care Phones & Answering Machines.

   We provide vertically integrated design and manufacturing services to meet our customers' requirements. We have tidy production facilities for plastic injection, tooling, SMD, metal parts and production lines.

   We have extensive experience in passing FCC, CE, ETL, CEC, WEEE, RoHS, PAH & REACH standards. Our R&D department is equipped with advanced equipment and our engineers are familiar with safety standards.

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Primatronix(Nanho)Electronics ltd