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    Standard series of the long-lived series Deep cycle series CFPV ( OPZV ) series ●colloidal battery series CFPS ( OPZS ) series ●●high temperature series motorcycle series ●high power series

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Shenzhen city electric battery technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is a maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid battery production and technology leader. The company has grown to have three branches: respectively Shenzhen city an electric battery technology limited company, Jiangsu Electric Industrial Company Limited ( in the manufacture of motorcycle and electric bicycle battery mainly), Shaoguan Electric Industrial Company Limited ( manufacturing lead-acid battery polar plate mainly). The company has a staff of more than 1500( the total number of R & D and technical personnel have more than 100), production base area reached50000m2. Is the domestic production of one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid battery.


Companies in Hongkong and more than 10 domestic provinces and cities with branches or offices, while in Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Australia, France and other countries with offices, product export volume reached more than 90%.

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