Professional agents to do the inspection of bulk cargo warehousing, imitation licensing products packet counter declaration, sensitive goods pay package, the commodity inspection agency, to dispatch a certificate, the Embassy endorsement, Hongkong cargo import business tax package. One, agent in Shenzhen, Guangzhou customs port of import and export declarations, customs clearance, Sungang Sinotrans warehouse bulk warehousing, bonded zone bulk warehouse warehousing; sensitive products in bulk package stores, Hongkong cargo import business tax package; two, the commodity inspection agency ( clothing, ceramics, lighting, shoes, furniture, toys, plastic products, Takeki To and willow products, electrical machinery and other commodity inspection ); three, to provide a local set of export write-off single, discount list for your own declarations ( Shenzhen, Heilongjiang, Qingdao, Jiangxi and so on, can record to all parts of the country, customs ports ) provide Guangdong Province unified export invoice; four, charge d'affaires certificate of origin (1general origin certificate certificate of origin FA, CO, FE, FF, Chile ASEAN Asia Pacific card FM;2lose EU textile ( silk linen ) certificate of origin, transport Turkey textile ( silk linen ) certificate;3embassies, consulate authentication plus sign ( Egypt, Arabia, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, CO, invoice, packing list with signature ), Council for the promotion of international trade ( CCPIT certificate authentication service ), manufacturers of Hongkong chamber of Commerce certification, no processing, re-export certificate certificate ;4 agents of the China Commodity Inspection Bureau ( CIQ clearance certificate fumigation disinfection certificates, plant inspection certificate, health certificate, certificate, health certificate, ceramic quality certificate, certificate, certificate of quality of veterinary inspection certificate, non-genetically modified, pre-shipment inspection certificate, certificate of analysis series such as CIQ clearance certificate );5other import and export the required inspection license, permit; five, tax rebate settlement, the collection of foreign exchange, on behalf of the tax refund, discount policy;