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Wuxi Little Swan Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1958. From 1978 China's first fully automatic washing machine was born to brand value in 2011 reached 18001000000 yuan, become one of the very few can make at the same time full automatic pulsator, rollers, mixing type all types of washing machine of the world's third largest washing machine manufacturer, Little Swan history every time progress have proven to today's successful footsteps.

On 1990, Little Swan Washing machine won the only gold medal in 1997, the industry elite; Little Swan trademark was identified as Chinese washing machine industry the first medal of well-known trademarks; 2001, Little Swan Washing machine was awarded the title of China famous brand products; in 2005, Little Swan won the Ministry of Commerce on Cultivation and development of China's export brand; 2007 little swan is business identified as the most competitive brands on the market in 2009; Little Swan won three consecutive years of the United States of America " reader's Digest " brand reputation in 2010 Gold Award; Little Swan Washing machine won the State Intellectual Property Bureau issued by the independent innovation design award.

Little Swan has state-level enterprise technical centers and national identification laboratory, relying on technological strategy alliance, adhere to independent innovation, has the international advanced inverter technology, intelligent control, structure design and industrial design and other washing core technology. The company has established the international advanced level of quality management system, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and safety management system certification, the first in the industry through the national Mianjian product certification and washing machine export-free inspection identification.

Little Swan has a healthy, efficient global sales network. In the domestic market, the cygnet washing machine for 14 consecutive year the first national sales; in the international market, products are exported to over 100 countries and regions, washing machine successfully entered to the United States, Japan and other high-end market. Today, Little Swan has won the about 42000000 consumer favorite, successfully achieved by the domestic home appliance manufacturers to the international home appliance manufacturer's shift, to build international brands.

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