HUNAN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING GROUP consists of Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation (the parent corporation with its core enterprises, founded in July 1952 and being the first corporation that has gained the Qualification of Super Grade for building construction) and its close subsidiary companies which are respectively the First Engineering Company, the Second Engineering Company LTD., Third Engineering Company, the Fourth Engineering Company, the Fifth Engineering Company, the Sixth Engineering Company, the Industrial Equipment Installation Company (each with various qualifications of Grade I for general contracts) and the Engineering Machinery Factory. Moreover, it also owns HNCEG Design & Research Institute with Qualification of Grade A for architectural design, Hunan Professional Institute of Urban Construction Technology, Hunan Advanced Construction Workers School (Changsha Workers University) and Hunan Provincial Construction Technology Research Institute. Based on all these facts, HNCEG is a large state-owned enterprise that has developed comprehensive capabilities of survey & design, scientific research, personnel training, advanced professional education, building & installation, road & bridge construction, ready-mixed concrete production, equipment manufacturing, goods leasing, engineering supervision & consultancy and real estate development. In addition, HNCEG has gained special permits for general contract of overseas business, labor expert service and import & export trade business. HNCEG has engaged more than 218000 employees, 21800 of whom are technical personnel of various specialties. With assets of RMB 5 Billion and a production capacity of over RMB 40 Billion.  





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