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Zhejiang hydropower construction and installation Co., LTD. Is a national level of construction enterprise, the predecessor of the hydropower construction in zhejiang province is the second network, established in 1965, and so far, 40 years of history, zhejiang province construction key enterprises. The company has water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction contract one grade, municipal utilities engineering contracting grade 1, port and waterway construction contract two class, foundation and base specialized contracting grade 1, bridge engineering contracting grade, dredging project specialized contracting two class and demolition and blasting project specialized contracting grade 3 construction qualification, etc. The company existing each kind of engineering and the economy more than 400 professional and technical personnel, with senior professional title specialized technical personnel more than 30 of, a secondary national registered construction division of more than 100.

For more than 40 years, company with advanced management, abundant technology, good reputation, and have the construction of tiantai shimen reservoir, the minotaur linhai city mountain reservoir, the power station in taishun three, the shaoxing ShangPu reservoir, lishui yuxi power station, south YanGuan row hangjiahu under stand the brake, shangyu XinZha they moved eastward, wenzhou city yongxing reclamation, zhoushan fishing wave reclamation engineering, the qiantang river north shore, huzhou lock is adopted standard (extension), hangzhou city levees, wenling city east, hangzhou is adopted in the overpass project (north) river, hangzhou on road extends line 02 pond qingtian county, standard, the oujiang river bridge, LanXi hengshan bridge, tongxiang wonderful wisdom bridge, 104 national highway hangzhou city transit highways (few to stone bridge section), the hangyong highway (yuyao section), jiangsu province of nantong huaneng power plant phase 2 and 3 period pile foundation engineering, hangzhou the sports center pile foundation work, ningbo oil building pile foundation engineering, qinshan nuclear power plant phase ii take water and on the Banks of the fresh water engineering, hubei changjiang GanDi reinforcement engineering, hubei along the crossing the river basin of cascade hydropower stations, guizhou province, fujian province tongren power station changle reclamation, gansu province three bay hydropower station, the power station in yunnan province, jiangxi province XinFengXian clay field of city flood control engineering and following hang around the continents drainage station of state A large number of inside and outside of the project, and the Philippines-irrigation project engineering horse horse, the Philippines cebu C-A dam, Vietnam taian hydropower station and Vietnam meng flood, and A number of overseas project power station. Most of the project project built for the nation, province or city key project.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication and quality, professional health safety and environment "trinity" management system certification, for many years been awarded "AAA" credit enterprise, the construction of the project have multiple won, multiple projects of "won the lives of XiHuBei, orchid cup, and YongJiang cup, provincial and municipal quality award, and multiple projects quality management QC group was named department, provincial excellent quality management team, are building engineering percent of pass is 100%. The company has been named zhejiang province construction enterprise, the advanced hydraulic system civilized unit, unit and hangzhou city zhejiang province civilization demonstration civilization unit.

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