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China Datang Group Technologies Engineering Ltd is the engineering subsidiary of science and technology of China Datang Corporation, to develop into a company with innovative technology, expanding the value chain of electricity production, and service electrical construction and environment-friendly, resource-conserving "socialconstruction engineering enterprise.    Datang Technology Engineering was established, continue to seize the opportunity, innovation and development, to expand in the industry, operations management, engineering, construction, technological innovation, professional team to build a series of achievements, and build energy saving cooling technologies, power design, six plates of the total package of engineering, renewable energy, investment operations, the business involves three areas of energy saving and environmental protection, power plant construction, renewable energy development, brand influence, the value of creativity, the benefit contribution rates showing rapid, continuing to enhance the good momentum.    Growth of Datang Technology Engineering devoted leaders at all levels, and our friends, you customers and partners to love and help, I would like to express my sincere thanks to this, and sincerely hope that the community, as always, to care for and support the technological development of Datang!    Class performance for our shareholders and the community to create long-term, stable value and return on corporate responsibility and mission, Datang technology project will further capitalize on the opportunities, meet challenges, scientific management, efficient operations and better serve the cause of the State Environmental Protection Science and Technology and energy development, with the community to make unremitting efforts to make new and greater contributions to building a harmonious society.Rock is a mixture of solid minerals or mineral, the rock under which the sea is called the reef, reef and shoal, composed of one or more minerals, has a certain texture and structure of the aggregates, there are a few contain biological remains or relics (ie, fossil). Rock the tri-state: solid, gaseous (natural gas), liquid (eg oil), but solid matter, is one of the material composition of the crust, constitute the main component of the Earth's lithosphere.

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