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Shanghai East Pump (Group) Co., Ltd. is a well-known industry mainly in pump operation, involving motors, valves, electrical control system, environmental protection and energy conservation, machinery casting, heat exchangers, air compressors, reducer, electrical products, pressure vessels and related areas such as scientific research, manufacturing, marketing, service as one of the branches, engineering, trade and enterprise groups.
        Founded in the 1980s, now has assets of several hundred million yuan, registered capital of II billion zero-eight million. Owns Luodian casting, Eastwell, air compressor, Eastwell Transmission Equipment, Oriental Motor Will, Eastwell valve, energy-saving technologies in Eastwell Eastwell water treatment equipment, the Nantong Will motor East Pump Nantong Co., Ltd., Manchester Italian pressure vessels, meaning Manchester Electrical dozen holding subsidiaries. The Group's total area of ​​516,000 square meters, construction area of ​​438,000 square meters, the comprehensive strength among the forefront of the pump industry.
        The company has received "national exemption product", "brand name" Shanghai "private technology enterprises, 100", the title of Top 500 China Machinery Enterprises, was named the Shanghai Shou contract re-credit enterprises, the Shanghai A corporate tax and AAA grade credit enterprise. Now the China General Machinery Pump Industry Association, China Association of Water Enterprise Irrigation and Drainage Branch valve Committee, vice chairman of the energy conservation projects members, members of the petrochemical market, a network member of Oil and Natural Gas, National Power Corporation plant parts supply network member of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation pump and valve industry members of the network, the Shanghai Fire Protection Association members.
        The company is now high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai Patent demonstration unit, employee innovation demonstration unit in Shanghai, popular science education base in Shanghai, Shanghai Technical Center, has a post-doctoral practice of independent innovation base, with a variety of technical experts and senior engineers more than 200, including 27 master's and above. Dozens of products of the company independently developed the volute double-suction pumps, constant pressure fire pump, the demolition of the double suction pump, external cooling, low noise motor, two hundred items of national patents; DFSS is double-suction pumps in 2008 won the "National Key New Product" DFSS is, XA, clear water pump products through national energy efficiency certification, BW-pipe network laminated (no vacuum) equipment by the Ministry of Construction Technology Development Promotion Center and the Shanghai Construction Committee of the scientific and technological achievements to promote the project "Shanghai Key New Product", "patent new products" and "high-tech achievements conversion projects" and won many awards; DFWQG Francis submersible sewage pump, such as six products included in the Shanghai Municipal Government Procurement: DFWQ submersible sewage the six pumps and other products have been named "Shanghai's new product patent; the company's wide range of products provided for by the state involved in the production license, CCC certification and CE certification and management of the coal safety certification; nearly 100 products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and OHS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and in 2008 was named AAAA-class enterprise standard of good conduct "unit.
        The company has branches in the country more than 200 large and medium-sized cities, with nearly 2,000 people a professional sales and service teams, providing our customers with pre-sales and after-sale technical support and excellent marketing services. The perfect combination of the quality of the international and domestic price, the customer satisfaction as a starting point and goal of all work, has nearly 30 million users in over 20 countries and regions in the country and the world. Oriental products have run in the Olympic venues in Beijing Water Cube, the Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shougang, Baosteel, the Three Gorges Project, the South, Yellow River management, the Shanghai World Expo Park, Daqing Oilfield, and other walks of life of many projects.
        Forge ahead, never slack, East Pump Group is separated by a hundred miles of Nantong Su Tong Bridge Technology Industry Park ", home to 500 acres, investment of one billion yuan to build a pump manufacturing industrial park," casting Industrial Park first-class production base in the domestic industry and the living area.
        Among them: the water pump manufacturing industrial park, covering 350 acres; construction area of ​​185,000 square meters; built a large plant of six, double-medium-sized plant four; plant with 100T, 50T of the heavy traffic of 30,000 KVA power supply system and pool capacity of 15,000 square meters of Class B accuracy of the pump test bench; 12 m, 8 m vertical lathe and milling machine, 10 sets of large boring machine; 3 axis, 5-axis machining center more than 30 units; more than 100 sets of CNC machine tools ; plane more than 200 units; dimensional inspection equipment, bearings, mechanical seal, special detectors and physical testing, chemical testing instrument equipment over 100 Taiwan. Laid the foundation for the completion of the largest, most technologically advanced, all kinds of configuration is the most complete pump machining centers and testing centers. Casting Industrial Park, covering 130 acres, building area of ​​50000 square meters, the formation of 5,000 tons of annual output of 20,000 tons iron castings; stainless steel, cast steel; non-ferrous metal production capacity of 2,000 tons.
        Living area floor area of ​​20,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 2,000 employees, consisting of a building of four quarters, to provide staff with a comfortable, cozy, living, food, and entertainment in one beautiful living environment.
        East Pump Group, all employees are active efforts to struggle to create first-class modern enterprise, the East tomorrow will be brighter.

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