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Beijing Power Supply switch Forster Equipment Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company has the independent legal personality, is one of the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Power Industry fixed low voltage switch equipment manufacturers. The company headquarters is located in the region's only state-level development zones in Beijing: Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the construction area of ​​27,600 square meters. The company consists of four most of the seven departments, three workshops, 16 sets of small, medium and large equipment. And equipped with imported Japanese AMADA (Amada) and Komatsu (Komatsu) flexible production lines, CNC turret punch press, automatic loading and unloading the operating system, 58 station CNC die turret punch press, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine . And low voltage switchgear is the company's main products, a total of five categories dozen varieties. Product marketable quality is superior, in recent years, the company's sales revenue increased year by year, in 2008, nearly 680 million yuan of sales contract. Our company produces medium and low voltage switchgear sold throughout the country by the majority of users praise. Our company mainly the production KYN61-40.5, KYN18B-12 the KYN28A-12 the XGN2-12, HXGN15-12, GG1A-12 in the pressure of complete sets of equipment; ZN12-12, ZN28-12, ZN63A-12 (VS1), ZN65A- ZN68-12 ZN85-40.5 vacuum circuit breakers; MNS2.0 Blokset, MNS (common type) GCS, GCK, GGD JYD2000 and other low voltage equipment, as well as the ZBW type box substation. Which MNS2.0 the Blokset two cabinet-type ABB, Schneider authorized products, the main electrical switch of the low voltage switch cabinet configuration can be preferred ABB, Schneider, Muller, Siemens and other imported or joint venture devices, but also the choice of quality products of well-known domestic enterprises such as the Beijing People's appliances, the people of Shanghai Electric, Changshu Switchgear Factory and other enterprises. Our products are widely used in petrochemical, power generation, power transmission, distribution and other industries with outstanding quality. My company, the production of low-voltage switchgear strict implementation of international standards, national standards and industry standards. To ensure the quality and stability of the switching devices improve, and continuously meet the rising expectations of customers on product quality in accordance with the standard of ISO9001 quality system - design, development, production, installation and service quality assurance model, the company established a perfect quality management system, adopted in January 2003 the the Elvey quality and Certification Center (EWC), ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, the system in March 2009 passed the ISO9001: 2008 version quality system certification.

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