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Chongqing hundred Shuo-commerce Co., Ltd. is a former Chinese national Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation approved the establishment of a professional import and export trading company. Over the years, the company has always been committed to the international market, and make unremitting efforts, we achieved excellent results in the field of exports of hardware tools, automobile and motorcycle parts, labor and protective equipment, electric tools and other products, the market throughout the 31 countries or regions in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Central and South America, and with the country nearly two hundred industrial and mining enterprises to establish long-term stable business relationship. Import and export trading company with professional standards in the foreign customers and domestic suppliers, we will accurately positioned in the role of the "service provider". Through our unique customer relationship management system, to provide customers with a wide variety, quantity flexibility, timely delivery of agile ordering service; with the help of our supplier management system, we have the relevant product market information in a timely and accurate delivery to the manufacturer , we assist in related product development, innovation, and our suppliers to provide quality products of unique market competitiveness. It is through this service, our customers and suppliers to create opportunities and value return.China's accession to the WTO and the implementation of the plan of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, is in bringing China into the height of a new era in the development of an import and export trade, China is rapidly becoming the world's largest manufacturing plants and consumer markets. Our extensive experience in international trade over the years and self-confidence and look forward to cooperation with more domestic firms to jointly explore the international trade market.

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