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Major electronic media (shenzhen) LTD

  • Main Products:

    Televisions, monitors (including the camera), VCR, DVD, digital cameras, tape recorders and laser disc player

  • Location:

    no.1 qin street henggang town longgang district shenzhen

  • Official Website

Founded in August 2002, foreign-funded enterprises invest huge news from the Hong Kong Electronics Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in TV monitor (with camera), VCR, DVD, digital cameras, tape recorders andlaser disc player, and other services, now has fixed assets of 10 million, employs about 1,200 people, is a domestic large-scale, the social impact of a wide range of professional electronic manufacturing companies.

Kui Paper Since its inception, continuously based on the new starting point, with the introduction of international advanced technology level of production equipment, and now owns the JH368 Fuji injection molding machines, production lines and advanced testing and other advanced production equipment, with daily production capacity of 10000, the annual production capacity of 3 million units.

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Major electronic media (shenzhen) LTD