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Company Profile

shenzhen gangyuanfa Trading Co.,Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    The purchase and sale of computer software, electronic products, digital products, domestic trade, goods and technology import and export business.

  • Location:

    Wenjin South Road,Luohu District,Shenzhen Building 26th floor 2607room inspection


Shenzhen Hong Kong trading company is a wholesale distribution limited liability company: pig, pig, pig, pig, pig ears, tongue; chicken, chicken

Claw, chicken, chicken, chicken wings; duck neck, duck, duck wings, duck, duck leg; bullwhip, cow, bull paddywack, beef tendon, beef, sheep, ox tripe

. Beef, beef, steak, hairtail squid cuttlefish white mushrooms fish pomfret fish, eels, peeler and Hong Kong and Shenzhen trade limited company by a national related departments

Approved export health registered enterprises. Hong Kong and Shenzhen trade limited company by the abundant strength, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises established

Long term cooperation relationship. Hong Kong and Shenzhen trade limited company cordially welcome from all walks of life to come to visit, study, business negotiations


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shenzhen gangyuanfa Trading Co.,Ltd.