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shenzhen guangdong fuhong import and export limited company

  • Main Products:

    Electronic products, sales of electronic components and technology development, domestic commercial, material supply and marketing industry; import and export of goods and technology.

  • Location:

    luofang rises from shenzhensouth B809 building


Shenzhen branch hung import and export limited company scope of business: A, the company led to international trade, the main agent import and export declarations business: textiles, clothing, leather goods, bags, footwear, toys, electronic products, ceramic crafts, hardware, plastic products, furniture, bamboo, wood, Liu products, resin handicrafts, Christmas gifts, lighting, iron products. B, agents in Europe, United States, Hongkong, Japan, Africa, Southeast Asian countries such as shipping, towing all in one service. C, agent: commodity inspection, plant quarantine, certificate of origin / Pratt & Whitney ( CO / Form A ) and other business. The strength of the company, has extensive experience in customs clearance and good interpersonal relationship; will be high quality, efficient, serious and responsible, grid and keeping promises, the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and all the friends at home and abroad to establish a wide range of economic and trade relations. Agent import and export declaration charges are as follows: 1, no certification of products ( bags, knitwear, metal products, plastic products, resin handicrafts, iron products, wood furniture and so on ) all the ports in Shenzhen Acting export declaration¥: $300 - $500. 2, inspection or quarantine Products ( woven clothing, footwear, toys, electronic products, ceramics, lighting and so on ) all the ports in Shenzhen Acting export declaration charges ( including inspection ) $ : $800 - $1200. 3, the agent certificate, Pratt & Whitney ( CO /Form A ) 120 yuan / share, disinfection certificates ( fumigation) 400 yuan / share. Import customs declaration agency fees negotiable. Methods of operation: from Division I to provide export documents, the factory only in merchandise exports the day before the commodity name, models, specifications, quantity, number of packages, gross and net weight, transport information ( the cabinet number, license plate number, name of vessel, warehouse ) to final destination countries ( regions ) and other data to the Division I, Division I then through the customs procedures. And sincerely hope that your company can work together, to seek common development. Contact us: Shenzhen City Branch hung import and Export Company Limited ( import and export enterprises Code: 440375861513X )

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